English transcription Film Forum Access Solutions n°3

The video starts with a full page text : « The SNCF Accessibility Department and SNCF Development present »
The video takes place during the Forum, several people are being interviewed.

Romain Streiff, JustBip :
« That kind of event gathers good ideas and creates a dynamic environment. »

Laurent Lefebvre, VRLib :
« It is very important for us to work with major companies. »

Jérôme Vidal, Immersive Robotics :
« We expect projects, clients too. »

Oliver Romanillos, Handicap Reflex :
« They invited me, so here I am ! I am very glad to be here. »

The video shows a new text : « Paris, December first. »

Loïc Leuliette, Head of Media Relations and Crisis Communication of the SNCF Group :
« Welcome to the third edition of Forum Access Solutions. Already three years. »

Maire-Paule Balicco, Samba :
« We came here to present our product, to show that we have a working prototype and to possibly meet future associates. »

Joseph Mignozzi, benur :
« My expectation today it’s before all to meet other entrepreneurs with innovative solutions, with whom we can discuss and maybe share a vision. »

Laurent Lefebvre, VRLib :
« As a partner, SNCF does a lot of networking and that gives to our mission a lot of visibility. »

Carole Guéchi, Head of Accessibility SNCF :
« You can see the hustle and buslte all around, everybody is widening their network, that the purpose of this events. We assemble people from different horizons in the same place in a short time to allow them to meet each other in order to imagine what business they could achieve together. »

Jérôme Renotte, Senior Accessibility Expert for SNCF :
« It’s a win-win situation. We are able to show that we are really involved in accessibility by enlightening these companies. We hope that in the end, some of them will create partnerships with some entities of SNCF Group, it already happened in the past. We wish these 15 start-ups will turn out to be great solutions. »

The video shows visitors gathering in front of the stage of the Forum Access Solutions. A text says « The start-ups have three minutes to introduce themselves and to convince the audience. » Some extracts of the presentations are presented.
On stage, a man announce while showing his smartphone to the audience : « This is the magic wand of the 21st century. »

Next extract, the head of a new start-up announce : « After four years of research and development, it became possible. »
New extract, a man declares : « The asset of this product is that it can adapt to any wheelchair. »

Last extract, an other representative says : « If everyone reports some obstacles encounter around him, we will have a France fully mapped and accessible. »

Laurent Colin, Accessibility Expert, Société du Grand Paris :
« What is interesting to us, it’s to discover tomorrow’s solutions and also to take the opportunity to explained to them the stake of the new metro and to see how all these innovations can evolved according to our needs and expectations. »

Pierre Deniziot, regional Councilor for Île-de-France, in charge of handicap :
« These companies have a big role to play, they must be accompanied by local collectivities but also be able to work in harmony with associations because associations are the main experts of these situations. To work with collectivities, with start-ups and with institutions like SNCF could lead to significant improvements on the subject of mobility. »

Stéphane Volant, Genral Secretary for SNCF Group :
« It’s also a place where innovation, as you can see it all around you, is great, is fair and is beautiful. »

Brigitte Thorin, Ministerial Delegate for Accessibility :
« In reality, accessibility is not a technical issue because above all, it’s a human adventure. »

Guillaume Vanneste, Responsible of Communication & Partnerships for SNCF Development :
« I believe you will have the opportunity to see solutions that use a lot of technologies to accomplish their projects but we should not forget that the finality is humanity. »

Carole Guéchi, Head of Accessibility SNCF :
« There are 6000 handicaped employees in the head company, but we have done a task force. »

Arnaud Lenglet, Panda Guide :
« What I really like about SNCF is that they are looking for the solutions that will be inside the train station, on the train, even in all the station environment, in order to find new ways of using this area, and it partly leads to making partnerships. »

Oliver Romanillos, Handicap Reflex :
« They have a tons of disabled clients so the fact of being interested, not only in me, we’re 16 in total I think, but to give their chance to 16 innovative products is a sign of intelligence from SNCF. »

Ivry Mishal, Digital & Human :
« It is crucial for this companies to be involved in accessibility. SNCF represents millions and millions of passengers, we have Paris 2014 coming soon. This places and transportations open to this public must absolutely be accessible. »

Sophie Cluzel, Secretary of State in charge of disabled people :
« This event is not only about technical solutions, it’s really the satisfaction of the needs of millions of citizens that is the core of this Forum. »

Alain Krakovitch, General Manager of Transilien :
« Accessibility obviously concerns PRM people, the law, but in reality all our passengers. It allows an easier access to our trains. Accessibility also improve regularity as it facilitate the ground/on-board link and that makes it a fundamental issue. »

Gilles Ballerat, Head of Services and Operations, Gares & Connexions :
« It is important for Gare & Connections to participate to this kind of event because we operate all the 3000 stations of France which represents 10 millions travelers per day.
We need to imagine all necessary answers to mobility and accessibility in our train stations and of course start-ups are the best to give us new directions and new solutions to these questions. »

A text shows : « Consolidation of the link with two start-ups from the Forum 2015 : the signature of a partnership with Transilien and Wheeliz, and the start of a new collaboration with SNCF Group’s HR and Roger Voice. »

Carole Guéchi, Head of Accessibility SNCF :
« Three years means more or less 50 selected start-ups. It’s 15 to 18 start-ups per year. We accompany them so they can go stronger, especially in term of business model and fundraising. It’s really important to help them to reach ripeness. That the work we are doing together. »

Arnaud Lenglet, Panda Guide :
« I am totally convinced that we should mix different types of economy. On one side, we have major companies with an important strike force and on the other side, we have the start-ups which are very agile and who are not afraid to take risks. We can find synergies and that’s why we should attend this kind of events. »

Manon Lecomte, SmartEar :
« With this kind of forum we are put in contact with big structures, beautiful associations, beautiful people and this allows us to better understand their needs, to propose our solutions to their needs and to evolve together to improve disabled people’s daily life. »

On the stage, Carole Guéchi, Head of Accessibilty SNCF, announce the sponsorship of three guide dogs associations. While three young dogs reach the scene, Carole Guéchi precise : « There is Norka, Nirka and Nanny McPhee. » A text appears and explain that Norka is a sand Labrador from the association Chiens Guides d’Aveugles Îles-de-France, Nirka is a black Labrador from the association Handi’chiens and Nanny McPhee is a Australian sheperd from the association Les Chiens du Silence. The dogs, the associations and their host family are all invited on stage beside Sophie
Cluzel and Stéphane Volant.

A new text concludes : « For accessibility to be a reality, go on together. »


« Label Factory, Décembre 2017. »